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•   Larry Delaurier  4/12
•   Daryl Iwankovitsch  4/11
•   Lita Bertuzzi (Brans)  1/10
•   Carolyn(Carol) Lewandowski  10/11
•   George Martell  10/7
•   Judith (Judy) Ham (Milosic)  10/6
•   Barbara Burke (Curcuru)  9/6
•   Judith Miriani (Kowalczyk)  9/5
•   Giovanni (John) Settimo  8/22
•   John Sapielak  8/21
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2 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
3 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
4 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
1 lives in Indiana
119 live in Michigan
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Nevada
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in Virginia
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Spain
22 location unknown


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Check out the Class of '68 slide show that played at the reunion.  Now available on YouTube.

As they say, "It's all over now but the shouting"!  NO WAY! It's really just beginning...beginning to reconnect!  What a wonderful, fun filled weekend!  Thank you all for making this an event to remember!  I will be setting up an album with pictures of the people and events within the next few days.  Feel free to post your pictures to the site too.  Also, I will try to upload the Memory Slide Show to YouTube and if successful I will send you all a link.  I highly encourage you to checkout the Cathedral of St. Anthony webpage and see the amazing things our old St. Anthony Church/Community is doing!  There is already "talk" of a 55 year get together so IF you move or change your email address or phone number please be sure to make the changes here so we can keep track of you!  Stay tuned for highlights of our 50th Class Reunion!

If you have answered the questions on your profile page prior to today please go back in and re-answer.  I apologize but we received an update to the webpage with additional questions and now all the answers are mixed up.  No need to rewrite your comments or school stories, just to re-answer the questions, including the new ones added.  Thanks for completing this section.  It will relaly help us publish a Memory Book for all classmates!

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to register on this site!  If you know of any classmate who has not registered yet give them a gentle kick for me to “Get IT Done”!

Now the next step is setting up your PROFILE and uploading a current picture of yourself.  One of the fun things we are planning to do is publish a Memory Book.  We have your 1968 picture but we need a 2018 picture to go with it.  We would also like to know what you have been doing the last 50 years...lets see if the influence of Good St. Anthony and our teachers paid off...what is more fun is to see where it did NOT help shape the person you are today!!!

Are you married or have a partner, have kids, grandchildren, pets?  What career field did you follow?  Are you retired?  I find it interesting to look at the right hand column of our classmate member page and see where everyone lives now!  Are you still a Michigander and if not, what led you to another state or country?  What interests do you have?  Are you still a Sr. Anaclete artist?  Did Coach Lou inspire you to continue running, now for your health? Would Mr. Wennsten be proud of the drama in your life? Did Sr. Joan Marie’s guidance place you in a leadership role? Are you still in detention?  How many of you are still practicing Catholics?  Do you miss fish stick Fridays? What do you do  your in leisure time? Do you travel or are you a homebody? Tells us, tell it all, we want to know!  Plus, its fun to find out what we have in common, to reconnect, and to remember!  So PLEASE share!  Even if you are not coming to the reunion we want to include YOU in our memories!

You will be receiving an official invitation to the Class Reunion around the first of July, at which time we will have determined the total cost and will be requiring a deposit to reserve your ticket.  All classmates MUST  register & complete the survey by July 1st!  Registering later than July 1st will result in an additional cost for ticket and possible exclusion as the room is reserved based on the number of people attending.

p.s. Rumour has it that there will be a performance by the one and only “Guys n Dolls”, and we are hoping to have a few surprise guests attending from our past!  So Don’t Miss Out!

Do you have old photos of our school days?  I've seen some posted on our FB page.  Did you know you can post them to this web site?  Just click on "Remember When???" in the left hand column and follow the instructions.  Please share!